Fall Wishlist

I really love fall because it seems like a new beginning in a way. Maybe it’s just me, but even if I’m sad to leave behind summer and all the fun I had, it’s nice to know that cozy times are approaching. In the fall, I spend more times indoors and I actually have more time for myself.
Fall is for drinking wine while reading a good book in a Wednesday evening, it’s about going to the mountains just to watch the early sunset and it’s about making plans for Christmas holidays.

And, of course, fall is about a new round of shopping :)
I have just made wish list for this fall. Pretty late, I know. So, items what I’d love to have are, in no particular order:

1. A gold bar necklace - one of my friends got one and it’s pretty amazing. It’s elegant and discreet and you can print your name or an inspiring message on it. I am definitely buying one soon.

2. A set of Gold Rimmed Glasses - to go with my golden necklace :) Kidding. I just have green eyes and I’ve tried one pair lately and they seem perfect for my eye color.

3. Scarfs, many scarves in warm colors, which keep me warm, in beautiful textures.

4. A pair of black classic boots that look exactly like these. I think they look gorgeous and they’re very versatile: you can wear them with jeans or skirts and you’ll look well anyways. I think these kinds of boots are an absolute “must-have” for this fall.

5. A pair of leather leggings, because they look hot and I love the special look and feel that wearing leather gives me. I feel more powerful, more feminine and sexier when wearing leather. It isn’t just me, isn’t it?

6. A nude pink cashmere sweater, because I love nude or pastel colors and cashmere is the best material you can possibly wear in the cold season. Makes you feel cozy and confortable.

7. An intense red color lipstick from Chanel. They have the most awesome tones of red.

8. A really good AHA cream, for exfoliation. AHA’s and BHA’s are fruit acids in various concentrations that actually do wonders for your skin. Creams with AHA’s and BHA’s help you with skin imperfections and your first signs of aging.

9. Some new earrings, because I didn’t buy any accessories lately and I might need some new stuff for my fall outfits.

10. A poncho, because I don’t have one and I think it’s a really awesome way to reinvent a boring outfit.

11. Two pair of jeans: one for boots and one for high-heels.

12. A SPA pass for an entire month.
13. A new gym subscription, with Yoga classes included (never went to one of those classes before).

14. A plane ticket to Caribbean Islands... for those days when rain puts me in a really bad mood. I would happily move to a sunny region on winter.

15. New books to read for evenings with a bad weather.

16. And a cooking book, for that matter.

17. A new to-do agenda. I have used my phone lately to write some tasks I need to do daily, but I simply prefer to write with a pen, on a special agenda that no one opens besides me :)

18. A new brown leather jacket – time to play more with warm colors

19. Some summer dresses, because they are on sale and I could pay even 90% less for each item, saving me a lot of money the next summer.

20. The Police sunglasses that I love so much and that are also on sale right now *wink*.

21. Scented candles, essential oils, Chinese sticks for aromatherapy. I love musk, lavender, cherry and vanilla. I like to use aromatherapy for my bedroom or while I’m taking hot long baths.

22. Hydrating serums and masks for my hair and skin for the same hot long baths that I love. I like pampering myself and doing beauty rituals that refresh and relax me.

23. Concert tickets and theatre tickets for me and my friends. There are lots of cool events this fall in my town. Can’t wait to go to all of them :)

24. A new blending machine for my lovely home-made smoothies.

That would be it. A pretty long one, isn’t it? What if your wish-list for this fall?

This falls - what to wear?

I am a big fan of summer fashion and I always get a little bit sad when sunny days are over. I love the colored dresses, the summer glow of my skin and the fact that everybody is having a lot of fun on summer months.

But fall has its own fashion advantages – you can be even more sexy, classy and well-dressed these months if you know the right tips & tricks. I’m about to reveal some fashion tips that will help you a lot in choosing your perfect outfits for this fall.

1. Follow the trends only if they suit your body-type

We are all different and following trends without paying attention to our body-type first is a very, very bad idea. What looks great on your best friend might be a bad fashion choice for you.

There are 3 body types that most women fit into: ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph. Body types are all about proportion and dressing your proportions to look your very best.

Before buying new clothes for the fall, please read as much as you can about body proportions and the recommended clothing for each type. Measure your shoulders, waist and hips and then try to find out what flatters your body first.

Also, I know you intuitively know what suits you and what is not. I suggest double-checking your opinion with an honest friend first, because he/she might see something you don’t.

We are unique – our fashion style must celebrate and highlight our uniqueness.

2. Make sure all your clothes fit you perfectly

If you want to dress well, this is the second rule of success. Your jeans can’t be too long and your tops can’t be too loose. Make sure everything you wear is perfect for you. If not, don’t buy it, modify it with a professional or donate it. There are no excuses for a bad size.

3. Choose the colors that are flattering to your skin tone

Our body type is unique and our skin tone is unique too. Make sure you know what colors flatter your skin and make you shine. I’ll give you some ideas:

Blondes could wear emerald, baby blue or camel based outfits.

Brunettes will look their best with colors like metallic blue, dove gray or neon.

Dark skinned girls are flattered by cobalt, light yellow or red.

Of course, there are many colors that suit your skin tone besides those and you should try for yourself some outfits in different colors to see what makes you look great.

Please follow the 3 steps above before you buy new clothes for this fall.

As for the fall shopping, I would choose some of the fashion essentials listed above, with great attention to proportion, colors and fitting:

1. Boots with and without heels, in neutral colors and autumn tones, such as black, black grey and brown in different tones.

Light shoe colors can be flattering for some outfits, but they’re kind of a risky choice that depends a lot on every item you choose.

2. Leather jacket - black preferred. Any model that flatters you is great. The leather jacket is a sexy and versatile piece, so you might think about getting one if you haven’t got any in your closet.

3. Kashmir sweaters, because they are comfortable and premium quality, that looks very good even after multiple washings. You can choose the colors that suit your skin type of course.

4. Skinny jeans and straight trousers, in dark tones – because it’s the easiest choice to make when it comes to choosing what to wear.

5. Scarfs, in multiple colors- I am all about scarfs. I love them. Reinvent your outfit with the right one and you’re good to go and conquer the world.

6. Midi skirts – because they look classy on almost every figure I know and they’re decent and kind of sexy without revealing too much.
7. Tops and cardigans in neutral colors for your T-Shirts and shirts that can be used for layering in a very nice style.
8. V-neck sweaters in great colors.
9. The little black dress , just because it’s awesome.
10. High heels that will help you have a leaner figure, no matter what your body type is.

If you know your proportion, your skin tone and you buy the right fittings, every piece of clothing will suit your unique beauty. That is what we’re after. My outfit suggestions are useful for all body-types but your personal style and taste matter too.

TIP: do some wardrobe check and see if your clothes match the body-type, color and fitting criteria. After that, do shopping list for fall, choosing the essential items first (versatile and comfortable).
Then go shopping with a wonderful plan and a smart list.

What other tips do you have for fabulous fall outfits? :)

Casual Monday - Office Wear

Casual Monday - office wear

Wearing business attires every day can become boring and uncomfortable. Thank God there are days when you can do your job more casually dressed, where you can shine in your own fashion style. Casual Mondays are fun and with some simple, easy-to-apply fashion guidelines, you can look amazing anytime, in no time.

A woman who works in a corporate environment has to be perfectly professional all the time: her make-up has to be discreet, but flawless. She must wear her high-heels and a dress or business suit in neutral colors and be amazing. There is no less than that, if you want to be perceived correctly.

While office fashion has its advantages (and sexy outfits lol), we SO need a bit of fresh air when it comes to fashion sometimes. This is what casual Mondays are for – pop-in with creativity, fashion style and awesome pieces of clothing!

So what to wear on Casual Monday? This is what I do:

Try to be comfortable. This is your casual day, so you’d better give up those high heels and crayon skirts for a day. You can replace them with flats (during summer), boots (during winter) or some Oxford Shoes (for in-between weather).
If you still like your heels, then wear your most comfortable shoes today – your back and toes will thank you for it.

You can also wear your favorite pair of jeans today with a layered top made from a cashmere sweater and collared shirt. You’ll look amazing without having to try that much.

In the summer, you could wear skirts and sandals, but of course, not too short and not too blatant. You don’t want to be way too casual or sexy-in-a-bad way.

For Casual Mondays, it is great to make an outfit from a midi skirt and a suitable neutral T-shirt or to try the little black dress that is never out of style.

Refrain from wearing leggings (they’re only for the gym), sneakers, loose pants or short skirts. None if this items is classy or appropriate for office wear.

At first, see what others are wearing.

I’m not advocating on copy-cats (avoid that by all means), but if you’re new at the office, you’d better wear something in-between office and casual for your first month of Casual Monday. When you’re new, you have to know some patterns and untold rules and be a little bit more discreet.

To be discreet is a sign of elegance and style and a sure way to avoid gossip. When you’re gaining some insight on the “fashion field of the company”, you’ll have more freedom and you’ll feel more comfortable.

Reinvent your outfit with some statement jewelries and accessories

A simple, almost boring outfit can be totally transformed with the right jewelries. I am sure that you already know that, but what to wear, exactly?

  • Fashion belts for skirts
  • Pastel contrast scarfs
  • Statement jewelries, such as necklaces and bracelets
  • Hair accessories
  • You can trust your creativity, imagination and sense of style for reinventing an outfit with special accessories.

    Use a fresh and discreet make-up
    Even if you have more freedom in choosing your outfits, it’s always better to keep you make-up discreet. Use a hydrating cream with SPF ten minutes before applying your favorite mineral powder or foundation and complete your look with just a little blush on your cheeks. All you need to do afterwards is to apply mascara and a nude or pink lipstick, depending on your skin tone.
    Work on perfecting your natural make-up look, because is the ultimate tool in looking great in 10 minutes.

    Easy tips for looking great in the morning ASAP

    In the morning, I’m sleepy and almost always in a hurry.

    If I have some extra time, I prefer preparing myself a nice coffee with a delicious breakfast and listen to my favorite radio station and NOT to try new outfits.

    The best tip in the world for looking great in the morning is to choose your outfits the night before. Make sure all you’ll be wearing is clean, neat and ironed and that you have your perfect accessories for your clothing.

    If you style your hair curly or straight, do it also the day before and style it a little more after applying your makeup. If you’re not in the mood, a ponytail could do the job

    You want to have everything prepared and to get ready in 20 minutes and use the extra time on something you enjoy. Build your morning routine so you can be efficient when dreadful mornings come…

    These are my thoughts about casual Monday. What do you wear on casual days at work?

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