Steps to Good Family Photos

Mar 31

Photos are some of the most important things in life. They allow you to remember some of the most amazing things in your life in such a detailed art form.  Once you have kids photos become a vital part of your life b/c if you don’t take photos often you have no documented proof of how cute or sweet your kids were when they were little.

About 6 months ago we found a great photographer in our area on facebook. He had a great portfolio and we booked a session immediately.  We were so pleased with the images that we got that we did another session with him about a month ago and once again we are really happy with the photos and cannot wait to sign up for another session.

Here are a few tips that may help you decide on a great photographer for your family shots.

1.  Choose a Photographer. Do your research.  Look online for photographers in your area, most photographers have either a blog or a facebook page where they showcase their work.  Review their photos, check out their style, locations lighting etc to make sure its your style too.  Odds are if you are drawn to most of their photos you are on the right track. I am drawn to outside photos and urban settings like alleys with bricks, old buildings etc. but everyone likes something different…

2.  Nail down your budget. There are some photographers that have a pretty hefty sitting fee and print fees.  Once you choose your photographer talk price, see what you are getting for your money that way you are satisfied when its all said and done.  If you feel like you get ripped off you are not going to be happy with the images no matter how amazing they are.

3.  Scout a Location. Once you have decided what type of photos you are wanting you will probably already have a location in mind.  The setting of the photos have a lot of influence on the overall style.  Photos always look great outside and I personally love photos that are not posed but this depends on the style of photo and photographer you choose.  Remember there are no rules.  Do you want you like and take ques from the photographer…they are the professional.

4.  Pick out a Wardrobe. There is nothing cheesier than a family all dressed alike or a family all wearing jeans and white shirts. Show off your personal style with your wardrobe.  When it comes to wardrobe dress everyone within the same caliber of clothing.  You don’t want one family member in jeans and one in an evening gown.  When it comes to color I don’t try to match but as long as you don’t totally clash you will be fine.  Hair and Make up – try to look like yourself, your best, but yourself.  Photos are for memories, if your children don’t normally have curly hair don’t put her hair in ringlets for the photo shoot, you are going to want to remember you and your family the way you really looked so just enhance your personal style.

5.  Have Fun.  If you are not having fun in your photos odds are you will not like them.  Photos are meant to capture memories..Your kids playing and you interacting with your kids etc…not simply posing in scenery.

Here are a few photos from the last 2 photo sessions we had with our photographer Tristan Leger…He is amazing! Check out his facebook page.

-Drama mama out

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