How to Rock a Statement Necklace

Feb 24

How to Rock a Statement Necklace

I am obsessed with statement necklaces.  What is a statement necklace do you ask? Well its an IN YOUR FACE accessory that should be the absolute focal point of your outfit.  Most of the time you see lots of crystals, stones, large proportions and my fave, contrasting colors that really bring these pieces to life.

My look today...Tomato red with sea green.

There are a few rules or tips that can make working these necklaces into your everyday look without looking like you are playing dress up.

1.  Don’t Over Accessorize – If you are going to be wearing a huge stoned necklace don’t over accessorize in other areas.  Large neckalces need their own space, especially if they are busy to start off with.  You don’t want your necklace to have to compete with large or overly intricate earrings.  My rule of thumb is to only have one accessory in each area of your body.  For example if you are wearing a large short necklace, you don’t need earrings, if you have a large hair accessory, earrings or a necklace are not needed.  If you are wearing bracelets on each wrist, cocktail rings are too much etc.

2.  Don’t try to Match – Once of my favorite things about statement necklaces are that they are a “look at me” item.  You don’t want them to blend into your outfit! Try contrasting colors to really make a statement, blue with orange, green with tomato red, pink with army green etc.  The sky is the limit! Such a great way to experiment on a small scale with color contrasting.

3.  Start Simple- If this trend is new for you don’t start out mixing a lime green 3 lb necklace with a leopard dress and striped tights! Try out your neck jewels with a simple white tee, jeans and wedges, you are sure to get noticed without stopping traffic.

4.  Don’t be Afraid – This is a trend that some people are really afraid to try out because they are afraid to branch out.  If people see you questioning your fashion choice they will be focused on it too and not in a good way.  Be confident and everyone will notice how amazing you look.  Don’t be surprised if you see Judy from Accounting rocking a statement necklace next week as an homage to your style.  Confidence is key, as long as you look comfortable in your accessory everyone will notice you in a good way.

Here are some ideas for working statement necklaces into your style with a few suggestions of colors to pair them with.

Statement Necklaces


What do you think? Do you like the statement necklace trend? What are your favorite colors to mix?

-Drama mama out

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