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Jul 31

Dating is something very new to me and finding the perfect look can be a challenge.  I am a dress girl at heart, I feel prettiest and most like myself when I am in a dress, so I am always on the lookout for dresses that are flattering and simple.

I don’t do a whole lot of prints so I tend to choose solid pieces that have a little something special about them or I style them with interesting accessories to liven them up.  During a recent lunch break shopping trip to a local boutique (Vanessa V) I went a little cray, literally cray.  There was a huge summer sale making most of this store’s amazing items 1/2 price.  I snagged tons of pieces (like 10 pieces) that are simple yet special.

The dress I chose to wear on a little date last night is a Everly royalish blue chiffon dress.  It is super simple in front with a soft V neck and elastic at the waist and a slightly flared skirt making it very flattering.  The back is what makes the dress really special, there is a small keyhole with a dainty bow right on top of the hole at the top of the neck.  This simple detail makes this otherwise ordinary dress, extraordinary. The dress is no longer available online so the dress in the photo is similar in style/shape and fabric.

I paired the dress with a gold, armor esque collar necklace, also from Vanessa V to toughen up the look a bit.  To show off the bow detail in back I put my hair in a messy top knot and finished the look with a simple pair of straw wedges, also from Vanessa V ( I must have a little obsession).

Date Night


The look was a hit, I felt confident, sexy and comfortable and my very cute date even commented on the color of the dress bringing out my eyes :)

What’s not to like about an easy go to dress that can be styled 100 ways and still look and feel great?

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    super cute!!!

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