Whitney Houston…dies at 48

Feb 12

No matter if you were really a fan of her, her lifestyle or music you cannot deny that this woman had talent.  Everything from the Bodyguard with Kevin Costner to her stunning rendition of Dolly Parton’s “I will always love you” she was an amazing talent who will be seriously missed.

In honor of her I want to share my all time favorite Whitney song/video of all time, 1987′s “I wanna dance with somebody”



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Aug 02


Stolen by Lucy Christopher.  I picked up this book last week on my search of new books to read after finishing the Hunger Games last week.  The story follows a 16 year old girl, Gemma who is taken from an airport and forced to live peaceably with her captor in Australia, she is confused and hurt but oddly attracted to him. It is written in the form of a letter to him, her kidnapper and its odd to see what she really thinks of him through her time.   I’m excited to see how this book unfolds as it has gotten great reviews and seems like a nice change from some other super girlie books I have been reading…we will see.

Listening to 

Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass – I cannot get this song out of my head, its just super fun and girlie while being a little hard, the best qualities in Nicki’s music


Essie Ballet Slippers on Hands and Essie Tart Deco on Toes.  Essie is such a great quality line of polishes.  I love the look of either color on my nails or toes paired with glitter.  Glitter makes these everyday colors fun and sassy.

Mad Men Season 4 – Catching the final season that way when the new season starts I will be good to go.  This season is crazy good so far and the always beautiful Christina Hendricks makes me wish I would have lived in the 60s, my body type and fashion sense would have worked so well then.


 Wishing for
Marc Jacobs Kate Bracelet in Rose Gold.  I heart rose gold.  It looks great on my skin tone, never looks fakish gold and automatically riches up any outfit.  At only $98 this bracelet would be a great addition to any accessory collection.  Image how adorable it would be with jeans and a white tee or a little black dress…so versatile.

What are you reading, listening to, wearing, watching, and wishing for?

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What to Wear to a Music Festival

Apr 06

In South Louisiana this is what we call “Festival Time” The spring and early summer in this area is packed with festivals of all shapes in sizes celebrating things from food, family music, culture and everything in between.  The largest festival in my area is Festival International which is a music festival celebrating music from all over the world.  Its so big around this area that people have dubbed it “Festival” and this year its the 25th anniversary so I am sure that its going to be a great one.  When it comes to festivals people gather to enjoy great food, music and company but if you are like me dressing for festival is almost as fun as going.

My best friend, who hates festival, says that people pull out their “hippie clothes” for festival and I would have to agree with him.  You see lots of braless women in earth tones and sandals but that doesn’t mean that you can’t rock a great outfit while fitting in and being cool and comfy too.

There are a few essentials that any festival goer needs in order to be cool, comfortable and crazy cute during a fun filled weekend in the sun.


1.  A Sundress in a fun print or earth tone color -
A dress is key for staying cool.  It is normally so hot this time of year in Louisiana that if you are in pants at Festival you won’t make it past lunchtime.  Choose a fabric that will stand up to getting wet (with sweat eww I know) and won’t stick to you, cotton is the best choice.  If you go for a longer style like a maxi dress you may want to tie the bottom in a knot so that it doesn’t drag in the dust all day long leaving you dirty :(

2.  Sunglasses - You will not make the full weekend without a great pair of sunglasses.  Not only do they keep you from squinting they complete the look of a laid back, music lovin, carefree girl.

3.  Sun Hat - I would say that a hat is optional.  I have a crazy big head so I can’t get away with wearing most hats but referencing the heat again a hat is a nice way to keep your scalp form getting sunburnt and staying cool.  Also who can resist how freaking cute most girls look in a sundress and big floppy hat.

4.  Sandals - You will want something more than a standard flip flop for Festival.  There will be lots of dancing and walking and most of the time regular flip flops will hurt your feet after a long day.  I like to choose strappy sandals, they stay on your feet and have little to no friction in between your toes, because regular thong flip flops when mixed with dirt can leave some pretty nasty blisters.

5.  Cross Body Bag – You will need to have your hands free while at Festival mostly for holding your schedule and a cocktail but who wants to carry around a big bag anyway? These super cute cross body bags are really versatile and surprisingly cheap.  There is just enought room to fit your phone, keys, ID and money for a great weekend of fun at Festival.

Other essentials you should think about:

  • Sunscreen – from one white girl to another apply sunscreen before you leave home..once you have had a few drinks you will forget and you will be sorry :(
  • Baby Wipes – after walking around in dust all day long you may want to clean your feet up from time to time, not to mention the bathrooms don’t normally have toilet paper..yuck.
  • Coozie – great for keeping your drink cool while you sway to the beat of the drums.
  • Water Bottle – keep hydrated throughout the weekend, not only will this keep you from having a hangover but it will keep you going throughout the day.
  • ID and money – Don’t forget your ID and cash so that you will be able to buy all of your Festival goodies and sample some of the great food and drink there is to offer.

No matter what festival you are attending this spring/summer these essentials will work for you.

Are you going to Festival this year? What’s your favorite thing about Festival International? Leave your thoughts in the comments or tweet them to me @mlj2374.

See you there :)

-Drama mama out

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All Things Copper

Feb 28

I was absolutely inspired by Forence Welch, of Florence and the Machine’s copper gown at the Oscars tonight.  The color of this gown was captivating and made such a statement on her beautiful skin.  I am partial to this color becuase I am fiar complected and i find that it looks so great on people with a fair complexion, so great that I color my hair copper :)

I also think that copper is the absolute best of the metallics, it never comes of looking cheapy like gold and silver can and its always a unique metallic choice.

So here are a few items that I am loving in copper right now.

What do you think of copper? What is your favorite metallic? Would you wear any of these copper items?

-Drama mama out


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My Favorite Things

Feb 28

Here are a few things food, fashion and more that I am in love with right now.

1.  Javier Bardem – This man is so unbelievably sexy that it hurts.  He is exotic, rugged and incredibly handsome.  I don’t normally use the word handsome but I think that his looks call for the word. He is married to Penelope Cruz and I don’t know if you could create a better looking couple out of clay.

2. Rhianna’s “Loud” – With 3 singles already off of this album I think its a keeper.  The songs on the album have such a cool and different vibe that it makes it one of those albums that you can put on repeat and not get sick of it.  Also the girl is so hot its hard not to want to buy her album just for the sake of looking at the cover art.

3.  Elliot Lucca Backpack – This convertible metallic backpack was worn on Pretty Little Liars by Aria Montgomery played by Lucy Hale. I think this bag has such a cool tough vibe while still being ultra girly.  It can be worn cross body or as a backpack which makes it super versatile.

4.  The moonicure – Basically an inverted manicure where the portion of your nail closest to the cuticle is painted a differnt color.  My favorite take on this is a super sublte combo of two neutrals tones that are almost identical or something totally drastic like tan and black.

5.  Subway – This has to be the best fast food lunch option, its healthy (well depending on what you get) and it makes you feel good about yourself after eating it and lets be honest, not many fast food options can make us feel good.  I always order a 6″ turkey and ham on wheat with pepper jack cheese, spicy mustard, lettuce, spinach, cucumber, bellpepper, banana peppers and salt and pepper…YUM!

What are some of your favorites?

-Drama mama out

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Justin Beiber – Men’s Fashion Influence?

Feb 16

After watching the Justin Bieber episode of Glee last night I was wildly surprised by how many things I liked about the episode as a whole.  I am not a Bieber fan but I am not a hater either.  I have done the boy band thing back in the late 90s and while I can definitely see the appeal of the Biebs, its just tough to really get into the craze without feeling weird about it.

Well if you missed the Glee episode last night Sam dresses like and sings like Bieber in order to peak the interest of his girlfriend, Quinn.   There were some great items that the boys’ of Glee wore that I fell in love with, not because they are Bieber inspired but because they are great fashion pieces for men.

1.  Subra Vaider Sneakers – I love the look of these shoes.  They look great paired with a pair of slim fitting jeans.  They are super casual but instantly look with cool when paired with the most casual of items, tees and hoodies.  Try them in a neutral like black or gray or go out on a limb for a pop of color like purple or turquoise.  At about $100 these are not a high end pair of shoes and almost anyone could afford to add these to their wardrobe.  A few key points with high tops.  NEVER wear them with shorts, DON’T wear them with loose fitting jeans.

2.  Casio G Force White Watch – I loved the look of this watch on Glee’s “Sam” not only does this type of watch allow guys to accessorize in a fun way but a watch instantly makes a man’s arm look more toned. Also in white you will instantly look tanner than you are, which is always nice.  These watches come in a slew of colors but Justin wears mostly white and black…i say go with the white…It can be paired with anything. Another great thing about this watch it while its really casual it can be added to a dressier outfit easily due to its color and cool factor.  Also this is something that you can wear that is not so obviously “Bieber” Everyone’s gotta wear a watch right? The watch retails for about $120 which seems about standard for a good watch.

3.  Slim or Straight fitting jeans - I caught quite a few photos of Justin wearing  G-Star 3301 Plus Sudden Straight Leg Jeans in 3D Aged.  These jeans are a slim fitting straight legged super dark denim.  He only wears dark denim which works well for everyone….dark denim automatically looks chic and works well with all colors.  These jeans retail for about $220 which is a bit pricey for jeans.  If this is out of your budget I would suggest going with a pair from forever 21 Men or American Eagle which come in under $40.

4.  Anything Purple - Purple is allegedly Justin’s favorite colors (and mine) and I find that most guys shy away from purple as they feel its a “girl” color (what does that even mean….since when do colors have gender???) Justin’s got it right here with his array of purple tees, hoodies and cardigans, purple looks great on almost any skin tone and instantly makes you look alive and happy.  I would suggest looking for great purple items to work into your wardrobe.  The great thing about purple is that it works with all neutrals like black and brown and looks FAB with gray. Try it out you won’t be disappointed.

What do you think about Justin’s style? Do you think its something that you, as a guy would wear? Ladies, would you like it if your guy adopted some of these looks into his everyday fashion routine? Let us know in the comments.

-Drama mama out

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