Weigh & Pay Yogurt…its Everywhere

Oct 25

About a year ago I was introduced to something new, well new to me, weigh and pay yogurt.  We had a new yogurt shop pop up in our richy part of town and the hubby, kiddos and I loved it.  It was such a fun place to go, try  new flavors and let the kids have fun choosing their toppings.

Since then we have had oodles of yogurt shops just like the first one pop up all over the place, they are taking over!

I live in Lafayette, LA not a huge city but big enough to have a major State University, multiple movie theaters and lots of festivals, events etc.  With that being said I didn’t realize that our population warrants 5, yes you heard right, 5 weight and pay yogurt places.

Let’s face it, these places are very similar if not the same.  They all have a cutesy, name and color logo, they all offer similar flavors ranging from an original tart to some off the wall flavor like Taro Root (which I tried BTW and it was delish) and they all have a large selection of toppings ranging from fruit to cereal, candy and more.

It just seems odd to me that my city would have 5 of these locations farily closely to each other…I guess people in Lafayette love them some yogurt.

If you are from the Lafayette area and haven’t checked out this trend try out any of the lcoations below…they are all great and will not dissapoint.

1.  Crush
2.  Swirl
3.  Tutti Fruiti
4.  Yogurt Land
5.  TCBY Johnston

Do you have weigh and pay type yogurt shops in your area? If so what’s your favorite one? What flavors and toppings do you like? My fave is the orignal tart with strawberries and balckberries but I recently tried Blackberry Lemon Mint and it was delish. Leave your answers in the comments below.

-Drama mama out

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New Favorite Things

Oct 04

Individual Sized Special K Cereal – I have always steered clear of individual size cereal boxes b/c they are normally super pricey but this week I found a coupon for them and they are amazing.  Convenient, pre portioned and delicious. Cereal is definitely one of my red light foods, meaning its tough for me to eat only the 3/4 of a cup that the serving size calls for.  These little boxes keep me in check and they are adorable.  This week I tried a new breakfast with this cereal and its one of my new faves! Top a light yogurt, I used Fiber One Strawberry, with the box of original Special K then top off with your favorite fruit, I used Strawberries and it was delish but bananas would be great too :)

Victoria’s Secret Body Butter – I have never been the type to like the feel of lotion, it kind of grosses me out.  I came across these little containers of body butter at Victoria’s Secret when they were having one of their semi annual sales and they were only $2.50, so I couldn’t pass them up.  I use the body butter after I get out of the tub on my lower legs (they get really dry and ashy lol) my elbows and my feet.  I LOVE it! It is so smooth, not at all greasy and my skin absorbs it right up and feels smooth for an entire day.  They come in lots of different fragrances so that you can find one that’s right for you.

Gray Nail Polish – There is something about a gray tone that seems unexpected in the bottle but just “right” on your nails.  It surprisingly goes with everything and is a great neutral with a little bit of pizazz.  Try OPI’s skull and cross bones or any other true light gray hue for a surely flattering tone.

Swingy Coats – My mom owns a vintage evening coat from the sixties that I have always loved.  Its camel cashmere with shortened sleeves, a mandarin collar and covered buttons.  Its the type of piece that my eyes are always peeled for when going to estate sales.  I have been seeing homages to this same coat at some of my favorite stores.  The modern designers are keeping this classic shape while modernizing the accents or colors.  What a great way to bridge the gap between classic style and modern elegance.  Most of the favorites that I have found are from Anthropologie or Mod Cloth..check them out.

What are your favorites right now?

-Drama mama out


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My Favorite Things

Jul 28

These are a few of my favorite things…
.My Favorite Things - July

The Hunger Games Series by Suzanne Collins- I got wind of this series of books from my favorite aunt and I absolutely devoured the three books within the series.  The stories are written so well that forces you to read quickly and intently.  The author does such a great job conveying the feelings of the heroine through her words, when Katniss (the main character) was hungry, I was hungry, when she was thirsty I was thirsty.  Imagine a futuristic (but not sci fi) version of the lottery with a little love triangle, deceit, grief and more and you have The Hunger Games.  I just found out that this book series will be made into a movie…this is a series of books that would make a great presentation on film…I look forward to it.

Zumba – I am in love with this fitness craze.  I am the type of person that doesn’t like doing cardio unless its fun and I have found my way about that.  Normally Zumba is a latin dance class with fairly easy movements and combinations that almost anyone can pick up on.  My favorite part of the class is the fast paced nature.  You are not forced to learn combinations by eight counts you basically follow along as the song comes on and there is no way to get bored.  The teacher that I go to uses not only Latin music but other high energy dance songs that are familiar and popular so alot of the times in the class I feel like I am dancing at a club with other women.  Another thing about this class is that I always want a margarita afterwards which defeats the purpose of working out.

Essie “Tart Deco” - In love with this color.  Its a nice summer color, a corally bright tone that looks great on nails and toes and makes anyone look tan.  I paired mine with a turquoise nail and glitter, its really fun and Essie’s polishes are always top notch

Feather Earrings – I know feathers are very trendy right now but I love the look of a pair of earrings that are almost the same colors as your hair, its a nice touch to hair that is wavy and tousled, its unexpected, which I enjoy.

Nicki Minaj – I adore this girl, not only her crazy outfits and hair choices but her persona and music. She is cute and quirky in a world that is normally hard.  She bring femininity to the hip hop world and she makes me want to be a rap princess…just sayin.

Marc Jacobs Katie Rose Gold Bracelet – I am dying over this bracelet.  It is such a classic peice in an unexpected color that works so well with my skin tone and hair color and to me the rose gold tone makes for such a richer peice.  This item would look great paired with jeans and tee or an evening gown…so versatile.

H&M lace bra – On my recent trip I was able to shop at an H&M and I was absolutely flabbergasted at their PJ and lingerie section.  The bras were such great quality for a super cheap price.  I was able to pick up a greige lace bra in my size! for only $14.99 how can you beat that?

Fiber One Brownies – These little brownies are a great chocolate trade off. They are two points plus values and while they are not terrbily large they taste like real brownies and would be amazing with FF cool whip or ice cream :) They come in chocolate and peanut butter and can be found in the granola bar / cereal aisle.

What are your favorites?

-Drama mama out



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My Favorite Things

Jun 30

These are a few of my favorite things……

Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin – I started this book about a week ago and read a crazy amount of it on my flight to California last week and I am completely enthralled.  There is nothing better than a book that sucks you in, a book that you don’t want to go to sleep because you feel you may miss something.  I’m not quite finished with it yet but I am excited to see where this book and the sequels go.  I love rooting for the underdog. 

Glittered Nail Polish - I don’t normally wear glittered nail polish but I love the look of painting one nail (normally the ring finger nail) with a sheer subtle glitter polish.  It adds something special to your manicure.  I recently used Essie’s Ballet Slippers, a subtle whitish pink with an iridescent glitter, it was sweet and chic all at the same time.

Fresh Strawberries – Summer is always so amazing becuase of the amazing fruit the is available.  Strawberries are definitely my favorite.  I buy 2 to 3 lbs at one time and we eat them with every meal.  My children would rather have strawberries than candy and I can’t blame them.  Pair them with a sandwich instead of chips, have them as dessert or blend them with a margarita..anyway they are served I am dying over them right now. 

Orange Candle from AnthropologieOrange is one of my favorite scents, its super clean without being perfumy.  This candle is in a beautiful tin and is so fragrant.  I have my candle on my desk at work and it just seems to make my day so much better

The Big C on Showtime – I came across the first season of this show on Showtime on Demand and I am kinda loving it.  Laura Linney plays a middle aged mom and wife that is hiding the fact that she is dying of stage 4 melanoma.  The show is extremely honest, funny and heartbreaking all at the same time.  Check it out on Showtime on Mondays at 9:30. 

What do you think of my favorite things? What are your faves right now? Share them with me on facebook or tweet them to me @mlj2374. I’d love to hear from you!

-Drama mama out



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5 Things I Love About California

Jun 27

I spent the weekend in California with my favorite aunt in the world for a much needed mini vacation.  In anticipation of my trip I didn’t shop for 3 weeks, I know it doesn’t sound that long but for me, its long.  So we shopped until we dropped, went to see Britney Spears, ate, shopped some more and I fell in love with a few things along the way.

The Weather – There are no words that can express how much I enjoyed the weather.  There is no humidity, its warm and sunny without being sweaty hot, my hair did amazing, waves and curls lasted all day, no frizzies etc… I wore my hair in soft subtle waves almost everyday and it held all days with lots of bounce and volume.

Nordstrom – I wish we had these amazing department stores in Louisiana.  They carry some really great items that people in the south can only get online and there is just something about being in this store that makes your shopping experience feel more luxurious.  I got a super cute Lodis Business Card holder and its an adorable addition to my business collection.

Outdoor Malls – This is something that would not work in Louisiana because of our rainy hot weather but outdoor malls are amazing, walking from store to store in an open sunny environment.  It makes shopping feel more like an outing than a closed mall does. We visited the Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade.

Mexican Food -The Mexican food that I had while visiting was amazing, no tex mex variations on Mexican but real Mexican food and margaritas.  I had fajitas with the most delicious pinto beans I have ever had, they tasted like someone’s Mexican grandmother had been stiring them all day.  Delish!

Mountains - Living in Louisiana all of my life really makes me appreciate terrain that is different from my flat home.  The mountains that I saw were so beautiful, its so odd to look out while driving on the freeway and see a landscape of mountains.

-Drama mama out


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