Red and Gold….a Girls Best Friend!

Jun 11

I have always shy ed away from wearing the color red until recently.  I have always been fair complected and some sort of red head so I never thought I could pull it off.  I’ve thrown out of all of the rules and embraced my inner goddess (hehe Shades of Grey reference) and filled my closet with luxurious crimson tones.

Today I am wearing an adorable red pencil skirt from Banana Republic (can’t find online :( ) This little number has a super cute tie detail that adds a girly innocent bow to the waist of the skirt.  I have a white tank tucked into the skirt and have accessorizes with LOTS of gold jewelry.  I am wearing a vintage gold chain link statement necklace and matching bracelet with a few other gold bangles and a rose gold Michael Kors watch. To finish the look I have on my nude patent pumps keeping this sexy and girly look work appropriate.

Red and Gold

What do you think of this look? What color do you shy away from?

Drama mama out

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Nude & Black: My New Obsession

Feb 05

Its no secret that I love neural tones, you can read about it here, here, here, and here. :)   Nude, beige, tan, gray, greige, blush,Kourtney Kardashian, Kardashian Kollection, Nude and Black you name it I love it.  There is something about these tones that automatically make me feel chic, feminine and fashion forward.  I also feel that neutral tones really let a women’s true beauty to shine rather than competing with bright colors or prints.

If you guys have been keeping up with awards season you know that nude red carpet gowns are all the craze and there is a reason for that.  There are so many different tones of nude that flatter almost any skintone. Colors ranging from off white or cream to light pink or blush there is a nude tone out there for you.

Right now I am obsessed with the combination of black and nude/blush tones.  Kourtney Kardashian loves pairing nude and black together and you have to admit she looks amazing every day!

I am very fair complected with red hair and blue eyes so at first I thought nude would be impossible for me, I figured I would look all the same color…not the case when you mix your neutrals with a high contrasting black.

Try chiffon romantic tops with “hard” black skinnies for a look that is polished yet unexpected.  Next time you reach for your LBD change up your normal accessories and shoes to nude/blush tones, not only will your legs look longer (who can’t use a longer leg?) but it will change up the entire look of that favorite dress you may have worn quite a few times.  The nude and black color combo also works so well on a casual note, pair your favorite nude tee or tank with skinny jeans and and a black blazer and ballet flats, comfy and appropriate for almost any activity.

Don’t count this combo out for makeup too, nothing looks better than a black smokey eye and nude lip.

Check out my collection of nude/black favorites.

Nude & Black


Dress, $48
Dress, $68
Dress, $23
Ryu feather dress, $110
Ryu feather dress, $110
Dorothy Perkins top, $44
Striped tunic, £30
Forever 21 shirt, $18
Forever 21 top, $18
Forever 21 scoop neck tank, $16
Forever 21 sheer top, $25
Esprit knit pajamas, $15
Leather high heels, $110
Party shoes, $30
Seychelles high heels, $100
Forever 21 chunky bangle, $3.80
butter LONDON ’3 Free’ Nail Lacquer Union Jack Black One Size, $14
Butter London 3 Free Lacquer Nail Polish, $14

What do you guys thing? Do you like wearing nude/blush with black? What are your favorite color combinations?

-Drama mama out

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A Few of My Favorite Things

Jan 31

1.  Urban Decay Naked Palate - I purchased this lovely little collection right before Christmas and we have had a world wind romance since then.  This is truly the best palate of eye colors I have ever owned.  There is a wide range of shimmer, glittery shadows to matte colors and frosty white/pinks to the darkest blacks and grays you will need.  The palate comes with an amazing brush that has to be about a $20 value on its own as well as a mini tube of their eyeshadow primer which is great as well.  It doesn’t beat my favorite from too faced but it does the job. For $50 you cannot beat this set of 12 beautiful neutral tones that will work in your everyday look.  FYI Urban Decay recently released Naked 2…look for it on my birthday list!

2.  Peachy flowers – There is something about having fresh flowers in your home that makes it feel more homey and inviting.  My mom is a florist so we have been around flowers for a long time and my new favorite are bouquets of peachy, neutral toned flowers.  Anything from roses to tulips, peonies and orchids.  There is something about their elegance and beauty that give me a different feeling from other brightly toned flowers. Try them in a neutral or white vase or for a pop of color try a turquoise vase!

3.  Kim Kardashian’s Ponytail Chain – On one of the last few episodes of “Kourtney and Kim take New York” Kim was rocking a sleek high ponytail adorned with a beautiful chain spanning from one side to the other.  I LOVED IT! I am not a huge fan of wearing a high pony on a normal basis because most of the time I come off looking like a cheerleader but what a fun and fabulous hair accessory that could work so well with so many things.  Kim just created a new line of jewelry called Belle Noel and the pony chains (that is what I am calling them) are available through the line.  $45 kinda steep to try out this new trend but I’m sure if I wait around Forever 21 will have something similar for $6.80 or so…gotta love it.

4.  Opal – I have always been fascinated by Opal, its color, reflection and look as well as its uniqueness; no two pieces look a like.  Throughout history, opal has been regarded as a stone of good fortune. In ancient times, precious opal was included among the noble gems; it was believed that the gem possessed magical properties and luck.  Well who doesn’t need a little magic and luck in their lives.  I was also told once that you should never receive opal from a loved one, it means bad things for the relationship, so opal is something that you must purchase for yourself.  I am currenly in love with vintage cocktail rings, there is something so garish about them that I think would be a nice conversation starter with an everyday outfit.

5.  Valspar Antiquing Glaze – I am a newbie when it comes to DIY / crafty projects at home but with the help of Pintrest and other DIY blogs out there I am becoming quite creative.  Valspar Antiquing Glze turns anything into a beautiful rustic masterpeice.  I recently used it on some old photo frames that I painted and it looks amazing, adding the right amount of age and distress to anything you need.  Search for it in Pintrest to get an idea of what people are using it for…its amazing!

What are your favorite things right now? Are you loving the items on my list?

-Drama mama out

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My Christmas Wish List

Dec 06

Christmas is by far one of my favorite times of the year and while I do love to shop for myself I love giving gifts as well. This year during my shopping efforts I have done great about not buying items for myself so instead of buying them I decided to blog them, much cheaper and not so greedy :) Here are a few things I would love to see under my tree this year!

Christmas Wish List

New Camera – I toyed around with the idea of getting a fancier SLR camera to take great photos of my kids but I can’t sacrifice the convenience of a slim, point and shoot camera.  If I can’t carry the camera in my purse photos will never be taken, just being honest so this little Nikon purple camera seems like the way to go, its adorable, my favorite color and it comes with its own rechargable battery which is vital!

Britney or GaGa Tour DVD – I have seen both these ladies on tour recently and both shows were amazing…why not relive that at home on DVD?

Sewing Supplies – I just recently started sewing so I need all sorts of little odds and ends to make my job a little easier, a great pair of scissors, extra needles for my machine, fabric, thread etc.

Nail Polish and Nail Polish Accessories – I am in love with the stick on nail decals and fun nail polish colors.  I own way to many colors but I cannot get enough. I love OPI, Essie and I am grooving on the new Kardashian Kollection at Wal Mart.  Currently I am lusitng over Khole had a Lam-Lam and Sealed with a Kris and Rainbow in the S-Kylie, as well as Essie’s “Cocktail Bling” “Sole Mate” “Mink Muffs” “Glamour Purse” don’t forget Sally Hansen’s leopard and frock star nail polish strips

Marc Jacobs Daisy – This is my self proclaimed signature scent.  It is so versatile and I think that it easily transitions through the seasons.  I am currently out of the large bottle so obviously I need a refill but I would also love a roller ball version to travel with or keep at work or in my purse

Delicate Rose Gold Ring – I have been in love with rose gold since purchasing my Michael Kors Rose Gold rose gold watch last year.  It compliments my skin and hair color and I get so many comments on it so I want a rose gold ring and I am loving the look of this little bow ring or delicate hammered band.

Arrow Necklace – I am in love with this little teeny arrow necklace in gold/rose gold.  Wouldn’t it be adorable as an everyday peice that you pair with everything? So sweet and charming and so versatile.

Babushka Doll Water Carafe - I am in love with this sweet little water carafe for my bedside table.  It would be such a cute addition to my bedroom with a purpose.

Assorted Dresses/Clothes – I am in love with some of New York and Company’s new winter line.  So many great dresses and tops and their tailoring works so well with my silhouette that its almost a crime to NOT buy them.  Also they have crazy good coupons, like right now in stores all items are buy one get one free, yep FREE! CRAZY! I am in love with this little holiday dress and these super cute tops in atomic red.

Michael Kors Watch – Ok so kind of an extravagant gift but a girl can dream.  There are currently two different watches that I am lusting over, the horn with gold detail one and the Runway watch in brown.  Both are beautiful and would look amazing with almost anything!

What are you wishing for this Christmas?

-Drama mama out


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Happy Birthday Drama Filled Mama!

May 18

So I have been so busy this week that I missed my own blog’s first birthday! I started on May 13th 2010 as a research project for work, to get familiar with blogging itself as well as content generation and search engine optimization.  Now a year later I am hooked! I have my ups and downs but all in all its a great hobby and it is one of my very few “escapes” that I have as a working mother/wife.

In the past year I have done lots of posts about fashion, make up, accessories, challenges, food, kids etc but there were some favorites on the way.

Most Popular Posts:

4.  Smokey Eye and Nude Lip Makeup Tutorial on a Budget…Rimmel Products

3.  Pretty Little Liars….Aria’s Amazing Leopard Cardigan

2.  Zara Leopard Scarf…as seen on Kourtney Kardashian

1.  To Die for…Elliot Lucca Handbags as seen on Pretty Little Liars

I am not shocked by these results…what this tells me is that I have an audience that loves the drama and glamour of trashy teen dramas and the Kardashian family and there is no shame in that…after all I love those things too, if I didn’t I wouldn’t write about them.

My favorite thing I did with the blog this year was my February shoe challenge. I vowed to wear a different pair of shoes each day in February and I really did it.  I wanted to quit but I didn’t and I will admit it was a great challenge, it really put my coordination skills to the test and forced me to blog everyday which I really liked.

My favorite individual post was Having Small Feet Blows, I think it is a truly honest post that at the time allowed me to vent and say what I wanted to say and my arch nemesis Kim Kardashian for running out of small sizes on shoedazzle :) Not really it was a fun post and at the time I was being serious but now looking back its just funny and fun to read.

I can’t wait to see what the second year of this blog brings, I hope to venture out into more challenges, recipes and home decor how to’s and ideas, make up and hair tutorials and requests. What do you want to see this year? Shoot me a quick line at and request something, anything and I will see what I can do.

I want to thank all of my faithful readers, this is a small blog and it started out REALLY small, basically my mom, sister and aunt faithfully reading my posts each day and commenting but it has blossomed into something that I am really proud to call my own and I am greatful for all of my readers :) Also my little kiddos, they are the reason that I am Drama Filled Mama! ( I couldn’t help but include photos of them in this post) When it comes to readers and followers the more the merrier, tell your friends, co workers, moms etc I would love you hear from you all.

What were some of your favorite posts from the past year? I would love to know.

-Drama mama out


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