Excited for Fall

Aug 24

In Louisiana nothing is worse than August! Its hot, humid and down right miserable.  During this terrible month all I can do is dream of the days when the weather is cooler, breezier and enjoyable.  Fall has be dreaming of a few items I cannot wait to add to my wardrobe or pull out from last year.

Fall 2010

Nicole by OPI Kardashian Kolors - not only are the colors and names of the polishes inspired by the Kardashian/Jenner clan but the collection is pretty amazing.  My two faves are a gray tone and a deep turquoise which are both great for fall

Anything Tweed – This beautiful mustard tweed tunic would be such a great addition to any wardrobe.  Tweed screams cold weather to me and a vibrant color like mustard is great paired with other fall colors like wine, rust, deep turquoise, brown and olive.  I can see this peice of a pair of leggings with boots or with a set of knee high tights and wedges.

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy - When the seasons change, your fragrance needs to change as well.  I normally switch to something spicier like this fabulous little scent by Juicy.  Its a little spicy a little sweet but all in all it reminds me of fall.  Some other great fall scents to check out are Burberry, Chanel and Michael Kors Original scent.

Michael Kors Gunmetal/Tortistse Watch – There is something so utterly bad ass about this watch that I cannot keep my eyes off of it.  A whole new collection of watches dropped recently so check them all out here. I am in love with the brown metal as well as all of the gold tones, perfect for fall.

Tights – I wear lots of oversized sweaters or dresses with tights.  I adore the look of these thigh high tights with wedges, the look is sweet and hipster all at the same time.  Try different colors like gray, dark turquoise or rust to spice up your legs this fall.

Suede Satchell - You cannot deny that suede doesn’t make you think of fall but this beautiful satchell makes me think of back to school.  This version is a pricy option but there are tons of lower priced options.  Try a satchel in a distressed leather or another fall favorite color, pumkin or cognac.  You will feel like heading back to school once you stow your stuff in one of these multipurpose bags.

Oversized Cardigan – Cardigans can be so versatile, comfy and chic all at the same time. Try this cardi over a pair of leggings with flat boots for a low key Saturday of shopping or try it over a pencil skirt and oxford for a day at the office.  Dig in your closet and check out what cardigans you already have and how you can work them over some of your summer pieces to make the transition into the fall, you will be surprised.

Riding Boots- There is nothing like a great pair of boots.  Over a pair of leggings or jeans or paired with a dress or skirt these riding boots have a rough texture about them but also feel very womanly.  They make me wish I knew how to ride a horse.

Wine Lips – I adore the look of a dark lip and natural eye.  Try a long wearing color like Cover Girl Oulast all day wear in Cabernet Satin Remember to keep your eyes and cheeks low key so that you don’t look like a streetwalker :)

Simple Studs – These little Marc Jacobs studs are the perfect color for fall.  They would look great with neturals and event black tones.  I tend to wear simple earrings in the fall for some reason, I save my longer dangly earrings for spring and summer so these would be perfect.

What are you most excited for this fall?

Check out what I was loving last year for fall.  Its fun to look back :)

-Drama mama out :)


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Aug 02


Stolen by Lucy Christopher.  I picked up this book last week on my search of new books to read after finishing the Hunger Games last week.  The story follows a 16 year old girl, Gemma who is taken from an airport and forced to live peaceably with her captor in Australia, she is confused and hurt but oddly attracted to him. It is written in the form of a letter to him, her kidnapper and its odd to see what she really thinks of him through her time.   I’m excited to see how this book unfolds as it has gotten great reviews and seems like a nice change from some other super girlie books I have been reading…we will see.

Listening to 

Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass – I cannot get this song out of my head, its just super fun and girlie while being a little hard, the best qualities in Nicki’s music


Essie Ballet Slippers on Hands and Essie Tart Deco on Toes.  Essie is such a great quality line of polishes.  I love the look of either color on my nails or toes paired with glitter.  Glitter makes these everyday colors fun and sassy.

Mad Men Season 4 – Catching the final season that way when the new season starts I will be good to go.  This season is crazy good so far and the always beautiful Christina Hendricks makes me wish I would have lived in the 60s, my body type and fashion sense would have worked so well then.


 Wishing for
Marc Jacobs Kate Bracelet in Rose Gold.  I heart rose gold.  It looks great on my skin tone, never looks fakish gold and automatically riches up any outfit.  At only $98 this bracelet would be a great addition to any accessory collection.  Image how adorable it would be with jeans and a white tee or a little black dress…so versatile.

What are you reading, listening to, wearing, watching, and wishing for?

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My Favorite Things

Jul 28

These are a few of my favorite things…
.My Favorite Things - July

The Hunger Games Series by Suzanne Collins- I got wind of this series of books from my favorite aunt and I absolutely devoured the three books within the series.  The stories are written so well that forces you to read quickly and intently.  The author does such a great job conveying the feelings of the heroine through her words, when Katniss (the main character) was hungry, I was hungry, when she was thirsty I was thirsty.  Imagine a futuristic (but not sci fi) version of the lottery with a little love triangle, deceit, grief and more and you have The Hunger Games.  I just found out that this book series will be made into a movie…this is a series of books that would make a great presentation on film…I look forward to it.

Zumba – I am in love with this fitness craze.  I am the type of person that doesn’t like doing cardio unless its fun and I have found my way about that.  Normally Zumba is a latin dance class with fairly easy movements and combinations that almost anyone can pick up on.  My favorite part of the class is the fast paced nature.  You are not forced to learn combinations by eight counts you basically follow along as the song comes on and there is no way to get bored.  The teacher that I go to uses not only Latin music but other high energy dance songs that are familiar and popular so alot of the times in the class I feel like I am dancing at a club with other women.  Another thing about this class is that I always want a margarita afterwards which defeats the purpose of working out.

Essie “Tart Deco” - In love with this color.  Its a nice summer color, a corally bright tone that looks great on nails and toes and makes anyone look tan.  I paired mine with a turquoise nail and glitter, its really fun and Essie’s polishes are always top notch

Feather Earrings – I know feathers are very trendy right now but I love the look of a pair of earrings that are almost the same colors as your hair, its a nice touch to hair that is wavy and tousled, its unexpected, which I enjoy.

Nicki Minaj – I adore this girl, not only her crazy outfits and hair choices but her persona and music. She is cute and quirky in a world that is normally hard.  She bring femininity to the hip hop world and she makes me want to be a rap princess…just sayin.

Marc Jacobs Katie Rose Gold Bracelet – I am dying over this bracelet.  It is such a classic peice in an unexpected color that works so well with my skin tone and hair color and to me the rose gold tone makes for such a richer peice.  This item would look great paired with jeans and tee or an evening gown…so versatile.

H&M lace bra – On my recent trip I was able to shop at an H&M and I was absolutely flabbergasted at their PJ and lingerie section.  The bras were such great quality for a super cheap price.  I was able to pick up a greige lace bra in my size! for only $14.99 how can you beat that?

Fiber One Brownies – These little brownies are a great chocolate trade off. They are two points plus values and while they are not terrbily large they taste like real brownies and would be amazing with FF cool whip or ice cream :) They come in chocolate and peanut butter and can be found in the granola bar / cereal aisle.

What are your favorites?

-Drama mama out



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My Favorite Things…Vintage Swimsuits and Daisy

Apr 19

At any given time I have at least 10 items on my “favorite things” list.  I think this comes along with being a shopaholic :/

Felt & Wire Shop: Custom Calligraphed Address Stamp from Paperfinger - $65 This Return Address stamp is stunning.  I would have loved to have had this when writing thank you notes for wedding showers and baby showers. A little pricey but this would be a great gift for any bride to be.
Big Sexy Hair Powder Play – $15 This little bottle of translucent powder works wonders for adding texture and poof to your hair’s crown.  Add a little to the crown of your hair and tease away, your hair will hold its shape for hours.
Women’s Swimwear | Mod Retro Vintage Clothing & Indie Clothes |…, $54 I absolutely adore this shape in swimwear.  There is something absolutely sexy about this high waisted bottom.  I can image wearing a suit with this silhouette would automatically make me feel like Elizabeth Taylor in the 40s.
Jessica Simpson Leopard Sunglasses, $45 my beautiful mother got me these sunglasses for my birthday and I love them! They have a very subtle leopard print  and they work with black and brown…awesome!
Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau de Toilette/1.7 oz., $60 my husband got me this fragrence for my birthday and I LOVE IT! I don’t understand how I never found this scent before…It seems that it was made for me, clean, floral and girly without being too sweet.

Happy Endings on ABC
– This new show on ABC literally made me laugh out loud last week. It is a modern twist on Friends.  It follows 6 friends in their late twenties/early thirties which makes me happy, finally a comedy on TV that is focused on my age range. Don’t get me wrong, I love 90210 and Vampire Diaries but lets be honest sometimes episodes about prom and spring break and sexy vampires can make girls like me a bit bitter. :(
Skinny petite solid 14k rose gold stacking ring or wedding band :…, $60 This is my number one Mother’s Day Gift Request.  My wedding band is white gold band with little diamonds on the front but I rarely wear it.  I wear gold jewelry pretty much everyday and my white gold band really clashes with my other gold jewelry especially my Michael Kors watch that is my favorite piece of functional jewelry right now.
My Favorite Things

What do you think of my favorite things this week? What are your favorites? Leave them for me in the comments or tweet them to me @mlj2374

-Drama mama out

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Birthday Wishlist

Mar 31

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Tomorrow officially begins my birthday month, yes month! For as long as I can remember I absolutely LOVE my birthday, not just in the normal “everyone loves their birthday” way…I really love my birthday! To me birthdays are super special and no matter what you do on that day its a day devoted to you…what could you want more.

After I became a mother I now see why my mom always made our birthdays special, its a celebration and a memorial to the perfect day that your baby was brought into the world, pretty great right?

Well just in case you were wondering what I was dying for this birthday of mine I have compiled a little list of a few “little” things that would look great beside a large cupcake with a candle.

Birthday Wishlist

Birthday Wishlist by mlj2374 featuring beige wedges

1.  Michael kors jewelry, $250 There is no question that I love Michael Kors, especially his accessories.  This tortoise watch is such a great add on to any outfit from jeans and a tee to a cocktail dress, there is something special about it that just makes me happy .

2.  Elliot Lucca Giselle Satchel tote, $189 I came across Elliot Lucca bags after seeing Aria, a character from Pretty Little Liars, were a great metallic backpack on an episode of the show. I would say that this pink bag would be a great addition to my wardrobe.  I honestly have nothing like it and I could see it paired with so many things.

3.  Poppy Perfume Spray, $60 This perfume is girly and fun without being overly sweet….loves it!

4.  Vintage Calico Shades – Anthropologie.com, $298 These are stunning! I love the shape the color and the overall feeling of the these glasses. They are really special and I am sure would make any outfit just as special.
5.  Marc by Marc Jacobs earring, $38 Who doesn’t love Marc Jacobs? These sweet little bow studs are an essential item in my jeweltry collection.  They would look so sweet with almost anything I own and at 38 bucks how could you resist.
6.  Twig Display System | Pottery Barn, $99 I love Pottery Barn for their ideas but I am loving this rustic hanging photo frame thingy.  It would look great to showcase my great family photos.
7.  Qupid beige wedge, $42 I love wedges, especially tan wedges…I honestly think I own at least 8 pair of tan/neutral wedges but these super cute Qupid ones look crazy comfortable and super chic. They would look great with dresses or pants.
So what are you getting me for my bday? :) No worries I accept kind words and cupcakes too! What do you think of my list? What is your favorite birthday wish? Leave it in the comments or tweet it to me @mlj2374
-Drama mama out
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